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 I promised myself I'd get fit after cancer treatment, and Jane got me there and has kept me there!

Whatever the weather, I always feel good about going to the gym and good to have been.

These fitness sessions and my fellow gym mates are a fundamental part of my life. 


Having never enjoyed exercise Jane has been a great inspiration, always encouraging and pushing me but being firm when needed.  I am getting stronger and have seen my fitness improve and I always feel so much better after my sessions.  I am actually beginning to enjoy exercise which is a testament to Jane's hard work!

Jo G

Gym sessions with Jane are always varied, but also very much tailored to me, what I am capable of and what I want to achieve.

I have noticed a marked improvement in my physical fitness and stamina and even body tone since I have been doing them.

The small private gym and personal attention make these sessions very enjoyable and productive and well worth it.


Jane's a star, I have been going to her for 15 years and it's the only exercise class I have stuck too. I am so much better then I used to be and I get to see my friends at the same time


I have been attending Jane Daines Fitness gym for the past couple of years. I am at the gym with  three other ladies. Jane has tailor made it to suit all of our needs and encourages us to work to best of our ability.

She is very patient and knowledgeable and tells us why we are doing a particular exercise and what part of the body she is aiming at.

I have also done the Nordic walking training with Jane and have been on many enjoyable walks through the Essex/Suffolk countryside.

Wendy Moore

I am a somewhat reluctant gym exerciser, but Jane's small classes - in her lovely converted barn - are friendly and welcoming. We do a mixture of cardiovascular work, weights and stretching and Jane takes account of each person's physical limitations (I have a painful arthritic shoulder) by adjusting the various exercises as appropriate, while also encouraging improvement in achievement each week. We  have a laugh and feel better for the exercise afterwards.  I enjoy Jane's sessions.


The Gym is a fun place to be I am 74 and the exercises are tailored to my needs and all done in a friendly way and in a pleasant environment. It has made a big difference to my fitness and well-being.


I go to the gym once a week and follow a routine with Jane  which is good for all parts of my body. I have MS and it has improved my health very much and I love it.

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