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Each session lasts an hour. 

A typical session can include

A gentle warm up. 

A combination of cardiovascular exercises, which are good for the heart.

Strength training with weights or body weight which is good for muscles and bone health.

We will finish with a cool down and stretching to improve your flexibility and relax the body. 


These sessions are 1-2-1

Each session is tailored to your goals, fitness level and ability. 

6 pre booked session at £37.50 per session £225.00
P.A.Y.G  £50 per session

If you book more than one session per week, I do offer a discounted rate.



Small groups of up to four people with friends as a private group OR Join a pre-existing public group. 


The sessions will be structured around the needs and ability of the group.

Private group for two -£20 per person booked in blocks of 6 = £120 each

Private group for three -£17.50 per person booked in blocks of 6 = £105.00 each

Public group up to 4 in a group £12.00 per person booked monthly.                                         



I can offer on-line sessions, which last for 45 minutes. These would be 1-2-1 or can be friendship groups.     



I am qualified as a nordic walking instructor and can offer tuition on a 1-2-1 or groups of up to 10.

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